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Save Daily, Invest Automatically and Watch Your Money Grow

Discover Filit:
Where Small Choices Lead to Big Savings
How it works

Daily Savings

Watch your money grow, day by day!
Set a daily amount to save and watch your savings grow like magic.


We round-up your purchases and save the difference for you. These savings get automatically invested into Gold.

One Time Savings

Received a bonus? Got some extra cash? Save it for your future goals - with just two clicks.


Your Savings are on Z-Plus Security

You can count on Filit to keep your Gold Savings secure and your mind at ease.

That's why we

Keep your gold secure in safety vaults

Offer Trusted Hallmark of BIS/NABL

Deliver of your gold physically anytime, anywhere

Let you withdraw directly into your bank account

Your One-Stop Savings Solution

Keep an eye on your money

Save a little daily

Active Savings

You are saving ₹100 every day

Collect your spare changes

Active Savings

You are saving ₹42 from Fillupsdaily

More features
coming soon

How Your Money Grows with Filit

Base Amount (daily savings)


Min 1

Max 1000

Number of Years


Min 1Yr

Max 30Yr

Amount Invested

₹ 32.85 K

Estimated Returns

₹ 1.00 K

Maturity Value

₹ 33.85 K

₹ 37.50 K

*The calculations are based on to historical performance of Gold over last 10 years

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