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Solutions are born when we face the monster called ”problem”. For us, that monster was - not having enough money.
We have faced hardships in life when a major health crisis strikes, struggling to afford quality education for our children, or even the desire to own a house appears to be beyond reach.

We when we stepped out to solve this problem, we discovered that the solution to this problem is not financial knowledge, but rather building intentional financial behavior that works.

So we founded Filit - An app to help Indians build healthy financial habits. No Get-Rich-Quick schemes, no ”21 Din Mei Paisa Double”, just the habit of saving daily. Because consistently making a choice to save money and invest it is the only realistic path to wealth creation.

We believe the compound effect of forming good financial habits will lead people towards wealth creation and a better quality of life. With Filit, we're here to foster those habits and make consistent investment a reality for everyone.

All of this using just their spare change.

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Our Team

Charwak Doulani

Founder & CEO

Saurabh Singh

Creative Director

Md. Mazahar Pasha Lathi

Lead Designer

Advit Mahale

Founder's Office

Gaurav Kabra

Technical Lead

Madhav Sona

Marketing & Product Head


Founder's office

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